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India's Top 10 Biotech Companies 2011 2012

The last decade turned out to be lucky for biotechnologists in India since India became a booming hub of biotechnology activities. The market got flooded with biotech companies right after the nascence of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in 1986. This department provided ample funds required by the scientists and academicians of the country and encouraged research and entrepreneurship in the field of Biotechnology.

The perfect blend of biotechnology and pharmacology proves successful in providing a permanent cure of most of the diseases and here lies the key of the overwhelming success of the biotech companies. Here we look at the biotech companies in India that have successfully made it to the top ten :

1. Biocon :

Established in 1978, Biocon is the most used name in the bio-industry. Under the strategic leadership of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Biocon has rapidly made it to the top. In the field of Bio-pharma, Bio-industry as well as Bio- services, Biocon has no other place but the top. Considering, the competitive landscape of biotech companies, it stands tall making a net profit of Rs 1180 crores.

2. Serum Institute of India :

The world’s largest producers of measles and DTP group of vaccines , Serum Institute of India is also the first Indian Biotech company to set up a Biotech Special Econnomic Zone (SEZ). After 45 years of successful service, SII claims two third of children in the world gain immunity by their vaccines. The establishment of this company was a boon for the nation as it provided the life saving immunobiologicals at cheap rates. Today, it has grown far and wide earning revenue of Rs 850 crore. It spreads across 140 countries in the world, and attracts investors and partners overseas.

3. Panacea Biotech

Panacea Biotech is a research based health management which has identified brand building in exports. Right from pharmaceutical formulations to natural products, the company has established magnificent country wide sales and marketing networks. The company was established in 1984, since then there is no looking back. It has witnesses ravishing success inspite of the cut-throat competition in the pharmacology market.

4. Nuziveedu seeds

“To ensure desired quality in all the seeds produced and have 100% satisfied customers”, is the vision of the company which makes it to the 4th place with the percent change over of 54% as compared to last year. The statistical figure itself indicates the huge success rate of the company which has a leading stand in Agronomic innovations. High density cotton cultivation and seed rate in paddy cultivation are revolutionary innovations of this biotech company which have benefitted the farmers on overwhelming scales.

5. Rasi seeds

Close to the heels of the above companies is RASI SEEDS, which earns its revenue in the bio-agri segment. Execellent research has been pursued by this company in cotton seeds as well as multi crop quality. Established in 1973, it earns huge revenues of 360 crore in the competitive biotechnology market of 2009-10.

6. NovoNordisk

A world leader is diabetes care, NovoNordisk is a global healthcare company. The company has leading positions within growth hormone therapy, haemophilia care, and hormone replacement therapy. This multi national company which laid its feet in India in 1990 in the field of bio pharma has emerged out to be one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies of the country. In a country like India where Diabetes is the most common disease, this biotech venture has witnessed a wave of immense success.

7. Shantha Biotech

This company is the pioneer of recombinant DNA vaccine in India. It being a research driven company, has given the country an indigenous identity. Shantha Biotechnics Limited has become a part of the Sanofi-Aventis group in July, 2009. Sanofi is the largest company entirely devoted to vaccines. This fledging company has received big boost by its investors, which helped the company grow inspite of lack of initial funds. Today it is one of the India’s largest expanding biotech companies.

8. Indian Immunologicals

Indian Immunologicals in striving for the enhancement of the quality of livestock in the country. The company envisions the implementation of modern biotechnology for making healthcare affordable and accessible. It being a wholly owned subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board is stepping forward for making the animal and human lives healthy. This company has successfully embarked on various Greenfield projects thus making its place in the top 10 biotech companies.

9. Bharat biotech

Bharat Biotech is a big star of India’ s Biotech industry. Being one of the youngest industries, it has come to a point where others could just dream of. The company enjoys a market share of 40 percent in India. Today the company’s name in India is synonymous to vaccines. Bharat Biotech has ambitious future plans with primary focus on generating additional revenues from existing products, and executing pipeline projects.

10. Syngene International

It is a reputed multi disciplinary contract research organization with services in biology and chemistry. In India, Syngene was established in 1994 making a move in the field of bio-services. It earned Rs 250 Crores revenue in 2009-10, and it is all set to execute more of the bio services in the coming years.

Thanks to the success of the biotech companies, the Indian biotech sector stands 4th in terms of volume and 13th in terms of value. Further, India has a promising potential to win the arena of biotechnology with its competitive manpower and integrated scientific infrastructure