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Biomedical Science Jobs - New Delhi India

Eligible candidates are requested to send a copy of resume along with the attested copies of the certificates/testimonials by 31st December at the address given below for the temporary position of JRF/ SRF for the period of one year, extended till the operation of project, under DST sponsored project of Dr. Vibha Tandon (PI) entitled
Project title : “Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of novel integrase inhibitors” sponsored by (DST no. :SR/S1/OC-24/2009, dated- 02/12/2009).  This project involves two parts, synthesis of library of quinolines, indoles, acridines, iminothiourea and screening of synthetic compounds against HIV-integrase as inhibitors.
  • Eligibility : M.Sc. Degree in Biological Sciences/Biotechnology/Biomedical Science /Chemistry/Biochemistry.  
  • Desirable : A candidate having one to two years research experience of synthetic methodologies and/or molecular biology techniques will  be preferred. The student with biology background should have an experience in protein expression, purification, cloning, DNA isolation, agarose gel running, SDS  gel running, PCR, DNA sequencing, Western blotting, confoccal microscopy, spectroscopy , fluorescence microscopy.    
  • Salary : Rs. 14000/16,000 -plus HRA (JRF/SRF)
The interested candidates can send their  application by email also at the following address.  If the candidate (either by Chemistry or Biology) will be found suitable may also be considered for Ph.D. registration.
Dr. Vibha Tandon (Associate Professor),
Dept. of Chemistry, University of
Delhi, Delhi-110007.
Email: vibhadelhi@hotmail.com
Deadline : 31.12.11
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