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Dairy technology - Final year Project names and ideas

Many advanced developments have happened in the dairy industry due to the impact of dairy technology. Various applications of dairy technology can be seen in almost all stages of diary product manufacturing. Bachelor of Technology in Dairy Technology is a four year course which focuses on various techniques used in dairy product manufacturing. Students of this course need to do a dairy technology project at the end of their course as a part of their curriculum.

Final year Project names and ideas
Incorporation of selected probiotic bacteria in infant formula - This project aims on the micro-encapsulation of selected species of probiotic organisms in infant formula. As probiotic organisms are very beneficial to the host, it will improve the quality of infant formula. Here the survivability of these organisms is assessed under different conditions. The selected species are incorporated into the infant formula after this assessment. Then the physio-chemical and microbiological attributes of the improved infant formula is tested for ensuring the quality.
Development of functional whey drinks for health promotions - In this project a whey based drink is developed with reduced lactose content. Functional ingredients of this drink are lower molecular weight peptides. Here the functional whey is incorporated as diluent in the production of fruit based drinks. Then the physico-chemical characteristics of these drinks are tested after this incorporation. Thus the sensor quality and shelf life of those products are evaluated.
Exopolysaccharides produced by lactic acid bacteria - This project aims on identifying exopolysaccharides produced by lactic acid bacteria and purifying it after separation for studying their rheological properties. Techniques used for this purpose are liquid fractionation, GPC, IEC, GC and NMR spectroscopy. Rheological studies will be carried out using capillary viscometer, rheometry and light scattering.
Development, characterization and evaluation of edible films and coatings for selected dairy products - Here different biopolymers are evaluated for their film-forming characteristics. Then the physical, thermal and tensile properties of the edible films and coatings are tested to determine its influence on the shelf-life of traditional milk products. Thus the interaction between the milk product and biopolymer films will be examined to find whether these films will improve the shelf-life of the milk products.
Other Project Ideas
  • Milk Preservation and Marketing to Whole Sales (in pouch packing) by UHT Technique
  • Collection of Milk and Packaging in Polythene Pouches
  • Dairy Farming With Power Plant Based On Dung
  • Buffalo Farm to produce Raw Milk with Gobar Gas Plant and Bottling of Urine
  • Instant Ice Cream Mix in various flavors
  • Effect of milk fat on mammary and colon carcinogenesis
  • Development of bacteriocin based Anti Microbial Packaging (AMP) system for enhanced food safety
  • Quality improvement of set fermented dairy products using ultra filtration technology
Choose the Industry
Students can do their dairy technology projects in any private or government owned dairy technology institutes. Several private project consultancy services will also help the students to do their project. Students should choose those organizations which can provide necessary facilities for their project and positive impact in their career.