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Final Year Project ideas in Biomedical engineering course

Biomedical engineering field is now developing quickly all over the world due to its impact on the medical field. Several advanced medical equipments are now used in the medical field for diagnosis and treatment. Biomedical engineering is behind the extensive use of these equipments for the effective treatment of patients. Bachelor of technology in Biomedical Engineering is the most popular course in biomedical engineering. Students have to submit a project at the end of their course. Different biomedical engineering project ideas are given below.

Final year Project names and ideas
Low-cost Digital Thermometer
Thermometer is one of the most common biomedical devices. Here a sensor circuit is designed with the help of opamp IC 741 and NPN transistor. There is a base emitter junction for the transistor. Voltage is developed across that junction while current flows through it. This voltage is proportional to the temperature of the transistor. Thus the temperature can be measured by reading the voltage with multimeter. A low- cost digital thermometer can be thus developed through this circuit.
Biomedical Sleep Inducer
Many people experience the sleeping difficulty called insomnia in which the sleeping will get disturbed intermittently during the night. This phenomenon can be avoided by perceiving natural Earth’s magnetic fields called Geo-magnetic fields. In this project an electronic device is developed which can generate Geo-magnetic fields. Thus the brain will get surrounded by an ideal environment to sleep well.
Muscular Bio-Stimulator
Here a circuit is designed which can stimulate the nerves of a particular part of the body. Surface electrodes are attached to that part using an astable multivibrator, transformer and basic electronics components. Stimulation happens due to that surface electrodes attached to the body. This device can be used for reducing head ache and muscular pain. It is also very useful for reviving frozen muscles which can weaken movement.
Emotional Stress Indicator
A circuit is designed for giving visual indication through LED display along with a warning sound in the case of high stress. This device works on the principle that the resistance of the skin is inversely proportional to the stress.  Thus this device can be used as an emotional stress indicator.
A Low-cost Smart Hearing Aid
Here a miniature stereo preamplifier-cum-headphone amplifier is developed which can be used as a hearing aid. Simple design constraints are used in this circuit to reduce the power consumption. Even though it will not give the high performance given by sophisticated hearing aid, it will work well with low degree hearing impairment.
Other Project Ideas
Some of the biomedical engineering project ideas are listed below.
  • Bio-Tele monitoring system using Internet
  • Remote monitoring system in Bluetooth communication
  • Computerized Brain wave machine
  • Human body motion sense
  • Blood Pressure monitors with high and low pressure Alert System
  • Computerized Weight Analyzer
  • Temperature Analyzers with computerized graphical image
  • Bio-Image Processing
  • Patient Record Analyzer
  • Biometric security system
  • Blood-flow measurement system
  • Computerized cardiac image analyzer
  • Computerized cardiac patient monitoring system
  • Fiber optic transmission of biomedical parameters
  • Multi channel temperature monitor
  • Personal identification and verification based on multiple biometric features.
  • Short range medical telemetry system
  • Ultrasonic blind helper
Choose the Industry
Biomedical engineering projects are mostly useful for health care organizations. Students can do projects in any research institutes or medical equipment manufacturing firms. As automated tools are now using in every field, it is better to focus on the projects which deals with computerization.