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Postdoctoral fellowship Cancer Biology - France

Postdoctoral Researcher on DNA Repair and Cancer
Institut Curie
Orsay, France

Funding for a two years postdoctoral position is available starting on February-March 2012 at the Homologous Recombination and Cancer Group headed by Dr. Aura Carreira. This laboratory is part of the “Genotoxic Stress and Cancer” (UMR 3348) Unit of the Institut Curie, Orsay site (France).

Our department is dedicated to the study of DNA damage response and its link to cancer. The successful candidate will benefit from the expertise of the other groups working in our Unit, our collaborators inside and outside the Institute and, from state-of-the-art facilities available at the Orsay and Paris sites of Institut Curie.

Our lab is particularly interested in the role of BRCA2 (Breast Cancer Susceptibility 2) protein in DNA repair drawing special attention to specific functional domains: we use mainly biochemical techniques and bioinformatics tools to reveal new partner proteins, and new connections with other DNA repair pathways. Beyond these basic science questions, we are also developing new tools for anticancer therapy.

The candidates should be fluent in English, and have a strong background in biochemistry. Ideally, the applicant would have a PhD in a Cancer or DNA repair-related field. Experience in protein purification, mammalian cell culture and/or structural biology will be highly considered. Following the 2 years of funding, the candidate will have the opportunity to continue in the lab by applying to the different international or French Fellowships available for postdocs. The Institut Curie has people dedicated to help with the grant application process.
Deadline: 31 December 

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