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Jobs in Biomedical Engineering - UK

Tenure Track Molecular Cell Biology Eindhoven University of Technology - Department of Biomedical Engineering

The laboratory of Chemical Biology from the department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is seeking a talented new group leader with research interests in Molecular Cell Biology for a tenure-track appointment. The TU/e provides outstanding research opportunities in a highly collaborative setting. You are expected to start your own high-profile independent line of research, which should complement on-going research at the TU/e.
Job descriptionThe TU/e is a leading Dutch Technical University with a strong focus on Health, Energy and Mobility. Within the Health arena, several departments cooperate on topics such as Molecular Imaging, Tissue Engineering, Systems Biology, Biosensors, and Chemical Biology.
The laboratory of Chemical Biology consists of a group of internationally renowned scientist in the fields of protein engineering, supramolecular (bio)materials, biomolecular engineering and drug discovery. The Laboratory has an interactive, collegial research environment with excellent shared research facilities with the Laboratory of Macromolecular and Organic Chemistry of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and the interdisciplinary Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS). Work in the Laboratory of Chemical Biology aims to elucidate and modulate the fundamental molecular aspects of cell function, in particular in relation to human diseases, and to use this knowledge for novel applications in the biomedical arena such as tissue engineering and molecular imaging. Examples of current research interest in the laboratory and department include:
  • Signal transduction in relationship to cell contacts, molecular imaging and tissue engineering.
  • Chemical biology of protein interactions (such as nuclear receptors) and its relationship to drug discovery.
  • Protein engineering and molecular imaging in the cell.
  • Dynamic biomaterials for imaging and tissue engineering.
  • Complex molecular systems and synthetic biology.
RequirementsYou should have a PhD in a scientific field relevant to Molecular Cell Biology with affinity to Chemical Biology. Alternatively, you have a background in chemistry with a very strong biological component. As a result you have considerable experience in research, typically evidenced by successful research positions at different international institutions and peer-reviewed publications. Experience in acquiring external funding for projects and experience with various types of teaching is of additional advantage.
The new tenure track scientist will be selected on basis of scientific excellence and the potential to enhance or complement the current research of the Laboratory of Chemical Biology and that of the BME department in general. As such, expertise in new and emerging molecular cell biology and life-cell imaging techniques is of particular advantage.
However, more important than an exact fit to the ongoing research themes is a high quality research track record and the willingness to cooperate. We're looking for an enthusiastic, talented, outgoing, curious molecular cell biologist.
Besides tasks in research, the tenure-track scientist is expected to contribute to courses for undergraduate and graduate students in the education programmes of the Department of Biomedical Engineering (biomedical engineering and biomedical sciences).
More information and to apply:We offer you a tenure-track position starting at the assistant professorship level, for excellent and experienced candidates entry at the associate level can be discussed.
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