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Immunologist Vs Allergist what is the difference ?

Immunologists are research scientists who study, examine and treat diseases concerned with the immune system. On the other hand, Allergist is a practicing specialist who focuses in diagnosing and treating various allergic diseases. Both Immunologist and Allergist have unique rule in the health care industry to diagnose and provide advance treatment for the patients with immune or allergic disorders. Even though both the professionals work in the same job area, the job type and concerned area of specialization differs.

Immunologist and opportunities
Immunologists are those who are responsible for inspecting the functioning of the immune system and analyzing the report to treat and control various diseases and disorders. They particularly deal with diseases that are concerned with natural immunity. This  comprise of diseases such as sinus inflations, pneumonia, allergies, blisters, and much more. Most of the immunologists conducts research and analyze the immune system to diagnose the diseases.  For this purpose they carry out various tests which facilitate them to study and examine interactions of chemicals, genes and cells in the body. There is a great demand for immunologist in India as well in several foreign countries. They can work in Clinics, Laboratories or Hospitals. One can also start private practice. There are also quite a lot f opportunities in immunology in the teaching field and graduates can look for job opportunities in various prominent institutes such as the National Institute of Immunology.
Allergist and opportunities
Allergists mainly deal with the analysis of patient’s allergic disorders. They diagnose various allergies caused owing to food, medicine, dust, and so on. Apart from evaluating the allergic cause and providing them with medicine, they also suggest the patients with environmental control recommendations. The candidates are supposed to gain ample medical knowledge and talent to become an Allergist. They have a lot of opportunities to secure a career. Most of the reputed hospitals, clinics and laboratories generally recruit these professionals.
Key difference between Immunologist and Allergist
  • Immunologists are research scientists or practicing professionals who deals in the process of examining and treating diseases which is concerned with the immune system functioning. Alternatively, Allergists are physicians who mainly specialize in diagnosing and treating various allergic disorders.
Even if the job areas are same, the job profiles offered to both the professions are different. The candidates who choose specification in allergic reactions or allied fields can become an Allergist whereas those specialized in immune system and related fields can turn into Immunologist.
The job type as well as the remunerations of both the two posts may also differ.