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Toxicologists Career Tips

Toxicologists are the professionals who study about the effects of toxic substances on human beings, plants and animals. They conduct several experiments with these substances and find methods to detoxify its effects. They can also understand the specialties of these substances from these experiments. This knowledge will help them to identify the presence of toxic substances in the environment. Pharmaceutical industry is mostly benefited from the service of Toxicologist.

Qualifying Exam
If the aspirants are interested to pursue their career as Toxicologist, then they should take the right step during their senior secondary education itself. They should select science stream while pursuing their higher secondary course. After passing the concerned senior secondary examination, one should pursue B.Sc or equivalent undergraduate course with Biochemistry or Chemistry as compulsory subjects. Then only they can pursue M.Sc in Toxicology course. Those who have successfully completed their Master’s degree in Toxicology can enter into the profession of Toxicologist.
Who are eligible to apply?
Certain educational qualifications are required to apply for the position of Toxicologist. They should possess all the above-mentioned degrees to fulfill the educational requirements. These candidates without experience are usually recruited to entry level positions. After getting much experience, they can get into the position of Toxicologist available in the same organization. Some of the organizations recruit only those candidates who possess certain years of experience as Toxicologist. In that case, the candidates should ensure that they possess adequate experience before forwarding their application. The candidates can search for the job through newspapers or job sites. They should apply for the job according to the manner specified in the concerned notification.
Key elements in the process
  • Pass the higher secondary course in science stream
  • Obtain B.Sc or equivalent degree with Biochemistry or Chemistry as compulsory subjects
  • Obtain M.Sc degree in Toxicology
  • Search for the job through online or offline so as to forward their application
Skills required for a Toxicologist
Those who want to pursue a long term career as Toxicologist should have good research skills. Good analytical and problem solving skills are also very essential for the Toxicologist as their main job is to classify the toxic substances. They should have good reporting skills as they would have to prepare scientific reports on their research