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Postdoctoral Fellowship in computational biology - Germany

Description: Understanding general evolutionary selected properties of cell signalling networks is essential for biology. The goal of this project is to analyze the well-tractable and relatively simple model eukaryotic MAPK network that regulates mating pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, focusing on three general features of this network: robustness against extra- and intracellular perturbations, evolutionary optimality in solving a particular task and the plasticity in adaptation to changing environmental conditions. In addition, potential benefits of the controlled intercellular heterogeneity in performance of this pathway will be investigated. We will use the advantage of its well-defined evolutionary purpose, well-established molecular biology and available mathematical models. We expect that resulting insights into the process of evolutionary network optimization will generally advance our understanding of biological systems. The modelling project will be carried out in a closed collaboration with experimental analyses performed within our group and with several modelling groups in Germany.
Deadline: 31.12.2011
Start: 01.01.2012 or later
Methods: Computational modeling; numerical simulations
References: http://www.zmbh.uni-heidelberg.de/sourjik/default.shtml
Profile: Candidates should have a PhD degree in computational biology, biophysics or theoretical physics and have experience in modelling and simulation of cellular networks.
How to apply:
Please apply by e-mail with CV, certificates and letter of motivation
Contact details for applications:
Prof. Victor Sourjik, e-mail: sourjik.victor@zmbh.uni-heidelberg.de