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Biology Freshers Jobs: Quality Control | Data Analyst post - India - Feb 2012

Part Time Quality Control & Data Analyst post vacant at Ocimum Biosolutions. Details for the post includes :
Job Title : Part Time Quality Control & Data Analyst
Supervisor : Director Technology and Quality Systems
Experience : Bachelors or Masters degree in Biology, Mathematics, or Statistics plus a minimum of 5 years or more of relevant experience in Quality Control and Data analysis.
Corporate Responsibilities :
1. Adherence to laboratory health and safety
2. Adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
3. Adherence to applicable company policies and guidelines
4. Adherence to federal and/or local regulations as applicable
Position Responsibilities:
1. Develops metrics for quality control (QC) of microarray data (gene expression, SNP, miRNA, etc.) and qRT-PCR data.
2. Analyzes laboratory, microarray and qRT-PCR data for compliance with quality control metrics and notifies supervisory and management personnel of data falling outside established metrics.
3. Responsible for QC analysis of microarray and qRT-PCR generated data.
4. Performs QC analysis of microarray data using platform manufacturer’s data evaluation software (e.g. Birdseed, Expression Console, Genotyping Console, Feature Extraction, etc.)
5. Perform QC analysis of qRT-PCR data using manufacturer’s and custom design (e.g. R scripts) software packages.
6. Develops and refines algorithms for QC of microarray and qRT-PCR data (e.g. R scripts)
7. Provides technical assistance on investigations into corrective and preventative action (CAPA) issues.
8. Provides training on QC procedures to laboratory personnel.
9. Identifies areas for process and or quality improvement and work to implement them.
10.Responsible for developing, revising, and following SOPs relevant to QC of laboratory procedures and processes.
11.Performs nuclease contamination testing in all laboratories and develops metrics for same.
12.Performs QC analysis of laboratory prepared reagents and solutions and develops metrics for same.
13.Analyzes microarray and qRT-PCR data using statistical methodologies for new or ongoing research and development projects at Gene Logic/Ocimum Biosolutions.
14.Additional Responsibilities:(if applicable)
Other duties as assigned :

  • Professional Responsibilities (if applicable)
  • Attends continuing education courses, as appropriate
Deadline : 02.02.12