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Tips for Better Resume - Action verbs/ power phrases for resume

AS YOU BEGIN to draft your traditional printed resume, you make a greater impact if you use action verbs to describe your accomplishments, skills and responsibilities. For each item listed within your resume, incorporate one action word. As you incorporate action verbs into your resume, choose only the ones that work best with your individual skills and accomplishments, and refrain from using the same action verb two or more times.

Even if you’ve held the same type of job with several different employers, use different wording to describe each of your employment experiences within your resume. When creating an electronic resume or scannable resume, instead of using action verbs, you’ll want to use nouns that demonstratespecific skills and capabilities. For example, instead of using the word managed, you’ll want to use the keyword management.

Accomplished Achieved Adapted Addressed Administered Advanced Advised Allocated Analyzed Appraised Apprised Approved Arbitrated Arranged Assembled Assigned Audited Augmented Authored Authorized Awarded Balanced Boosted Briefed Broadened Budgeted Built Calculated Catalogued Centralized Chaired Charted Classified Coached Collected Compiled Completed Composed Computed Conceptualized Conducted Consolidated Consulted Contacted Contributed Controlled Coordinated Counseled Created Critiqued Cut Decreased Defined Delegated Delivered Demonstrated Designed Developed Devised Diagnosed Directed Dispatched Documented Doubled Downsized Drafted Edited Educated Eliminated Enabled Encouraged Enforced Engineered Enlarged Enlisted Established Evaluated Examined Exceeded Executed Expanded Expedited Explained Facilitated Fashioned Focused Forecasted Formulated Fostered Generated Guided Headed Up Identified Illustrated Implemented Improved Increased Influenced Informed Initiated Inspected Inspired Installed Instigated Instituted Instructed Integrated Interpreted Interviewed Introduced Invented Investigated Launched Lectured Led Maintained Managed Marketed Mediated Moderated Monitored Navigated Negotiated Networked Operated Optimized Organized Originated Overhauled Oversaw Performed Persuaded Planned Prepared Presented Presided Prioritized Produced Programmed Projected Promoted Proposed Publicized Published Purchased Quadrupled Realized Recommended Reconciled Recorded Recruited Rectified Reduced Re-educated Regulated Remodeled Repaired Reported Researched Restored Restructured Revitalized Saved Scheduled Secured Served As Served On Settled Shaped Sold Solidified Solved Specified Stabilized Stimulated Streamlined Strengthened Summarized Supervised Tabulated Trained Translated Trimmed Tripled Unified Upgraded Upsized Wrote