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How to write Job Objective for resume?

Okay, here’s a challenge.…In just one sentence, clearly state what position you are hoping to fill. To land a job, the objective that you list on your resume should closely (if not perfectly) match the job you’re applying for. This sentence should be customized for each resume you send out.Writing a generic job objective at the top of your resume, such as, “Seeking a challenging and rewarding opportunity” is worthless. It takes up space, but says nothing about you as an applicant. It also conveys to the employer that you don’t know what type of job you’re looking for, and you didn’t want to take the few extra minutes necessary to customize and target your resume before submitting it. When writing the job objective section of your resume, find the exact job title or description the company uses to describe the position available. This information is typically available within the ad or listing.

The heading you use for this section of your resume could be:
• Objective
• Position Desired
• Job Objective
• Employment Objective
• Job Target
• Goal

Suppose you find an ad that reads, “Secretary for small office. Must have bookkeeping experience….” For your resume’s objective, you could write:

Objective: Seeking a full-time secretarial position in a small office environment, which would allow me to take advantage of my extensive bookkeeping, typing, filing and telephone skills.