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Tips for Better Resume Writing - Take your time to prepare it

Many people think that because a resume is only a one page document (with lots of white space), they can whip it out in a matter of minutes, without giving the content or the overall appearance of their resume too much thought. This is a common misconception. If you attempt to take shortcuts when creating a resume, your chancesof capturing the attention of a potential employer and ultimately landing a job decrease dramatically.

Most job seekers should rely on a standard one-page resume. However, if you have an extensive amount of work experience or specific skills that are absolutely relevant to the job you’re applying for, it is sometimes acceptable to have a two-page resume. Keep in mind, the person initially reading your eresume will probably only scan it for about 20 seconds to determine if you’re qualified for the job opening. All of the most pertinent information and key points you’re attempting to convey within your resume should be attainable by glancing at the document for a brief period of time. If your resume is multiple pags, it becomes harder for someone scanning it to quickly develop an understanding of who you are and what qualifications you have.

Choosing what information will be included in your resume, how that information will be presented, and finally, how you should customize your resume to target a specific job takes a lot of thought, creativity, and planning. Chances are, you’ll need to write, revise, and edit your resume multiple times before you create a document that you believe truly offers a preview of who you are and what you are capable of.

Creating a resume that makes a strong impact and that can effectively be used to market yourself to potential employers is going to take time and probably require you to write and re-write multiple drafts. If you want to experience success, it’s critical that you make the commitment to yourself right now that you’ll invest as much time and energy as necessary to pursue every aspect of the job search process correctly. You will have to have a good understanding of what a resume is, what needs to be included within it, and how to use it as a marketing tool for yourself. You must also understand how your resume is just part of an overall package you’ll soon be presenting to potential employers.