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How to write a Email Cover Letter

As there is an old saying, “first impression is the last impression”. In the same way, the employee should also take care when he/she is submitting the cover letter along the resume for the job post. But the question comes that how to write an email cover letter if the employee is applying through internet. The basics are same to write the cover latter as while submitting it on a paper. The employee should write the cover letter professionally, along with correct grammar and spellings.

    Few more useful tips to write an effective email cover letter are as follows:

  •     Don’t Waste the Subject Line of your e-mail

    It has been seen mostly that when employees apply through internet for a job, they either don’t write anything in the subject line of their e-mail or even if they do, it does not represents their purpose of sending the e-mail. Subject line of an e-mail is a thing which represents the whole e-mail and the matter or content forwarded in that e-mail which highlights the importance of that e-mail. So the employees should fill the subject line with appropriate wordings so that their e-mail could be attended and they could get their desired job.
  •     Use Standard rules of Cover Letter writing

    The employee should write the cover letter as the body of the sending email and should also use salutations and if the employee knows the actual name of the receiver of the email, then it is preferable to use it along with a standard closing of the letter such as “Sincerely” or “ Regards”. The employee should leave blank lines between the paragraphs written and should use appropriate signatures which should include all the information which you would have on your business card such as fax number, phone number, e-mail address etc.
  •     Keep It Short, simple and lively

    It is very obvious that the employer or the recruiter is very busy with his/her office tasks and does not have time to read you’re lengthy and time taking cover letters sent through e-mail. They desire every employee to send the cover letter of around 150 words so that they could save their time and could get what they desire from your short and simple cover letter. The employees should try to make their first paragraph very interesting and attractive as it will be the first paragraph through which most probably the recruiter will be judging the employee. The employees should not use different kinds of emotions, humor or specific non-professional abbreviations and color combination in your cover letter as most of the employers don’t find it appealing; instead they find it much irritating.