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What to avoid in cover letter

Ever imagined why you were not able to get a job in a good company even after you had the highest qualification among all? If yes, then you should definitely look into your cover letter again. One of the biggest reasons for not being selected in an interview or for job is your cover letter.
When it comes to the selection of candidate for the interview, the very first thing that selection committee overview is the candidate’s cover letter, as it is known to be your virtual face and the committee selects the people for interview or job on the basis of their cover letter. However it doesn’t mean that your resume or qualification is of no importance, they are important as well but they do not define you or your personality in the way that cover letter does.
If you have provided a bad cover letter with your resume than in no way you will be selected for the interview.
Following are some the tips that will help you to avoid writing a bad cover letter.

Don’t use slang language
Your tone should be formal and specific, one of the reasons for rejection of your cover letter is the usage of slang language, as it displays you don’t have a serious personality and neither you take this job interview seriously.

Don’t use Fillers and Fluff words
The boss / interview selection committee doesn’t have enough time to go through the fluff words and fillers, and they find it way much irritating as well! Therefore if you use fillers and fluff words in your cover letter, than simply they are going to reject it!

Mismanaged Cover letter
If your cover letter is mismanaged, than you will be assured that it is surely going to get rejected, as it defines your personality. Mismanaged cover letters will only irritate the reader nothing more.
Qualification and Experience not explained in detail

One of the reasons for the rejection of cover letter is also the fact that you have not explained about your job experience and qualification. They want to know more about that so that they can analyze whether you will be good for their company or not.

Didn’t show gratitude
This might look odd but the interview selection committed might feel it harsh or rude if you didn’t thank him for his time, and he might reject your cover letter for this sole reason, as it shows that you are not a grateful person.