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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Immunology - China

Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Immunology laboratory
Our immunology laboratory is specialized in dendritic cell biology and immune activation. The research interest covers vaccine, innate sensing, antigen presentation, as well as membrane biology. We are specialized in utilizing the most cutting edge technologies; including atomic force microscopy based single cell force spectroscopy analysis to probe a series of fundamental questions of immune sensing. Most lab activities will be conducted in English. Proficiency in all aspects of English communications will be required. Although individuals with basic English yet a strong commitment to learn are encouraged to apply. Oversea applicants are welcome and compensations will be evaluated individually, with potential to match international standards. Please see our ongoing work for your evaluation (J Immunol 186:6798; Nat Med 17: 479; J Immunol 182: 1912; and Immunity 29: 807-18)
A background in immunology or a related field, with interest in host defense, cellular biology, membrane biology or biophysics, and a solid Ph.D training with proven productivities and competitiveness are required. Independent scientists with strong originality will be most sought after. Research topics will be discussed to mutual consent between the applicant and the PI. For international applicants, ample support will be provided on matters of immigration and relocation.
To apply: To apply: please send a resume/CV, cover letter and contacts for two referees in English to chenshurong1973@gmail.com, I recommend the following message header: Tsinghua DC lab + Full name.